A Simple and Addictive Brain Teaser: Pocoro


Pocoro is an easy to learn and tough to master puzzle game created by Olivier Huard, Martin Lemarchand and Tom Rethaller from France. Originally released in 2009 for the XBox, a Flash demo version of the game was also available online. Unfortunately, the Flash version didn't save your progress, and the game was not really challenging, except for levels 9 and 12. However, Pocoro found its niche and it quickly became available on the iPhone and the Android.

I confess, I am a fan of Pocoro. I used to play it while waiting for job interviews. It distracted me from being nervous. Now that I have a job working for an e-commerce site that sells both retail and wholesale paper towels and other janitorial supples, I only play during my breaks and sometime during lunch on my ipad. I love my new job. I never knew there were so many different types of paper products, let alone paper towels and their dispensers. Now when I go into public bathrooms I always check out to see it they have perforated paper towels, multifold, or C-fold towels, regular or eco friendly, brown or white. Yeah, you could say I am paper towel obsessed. But not as obsessed as some people are to Pocoro. Did youk now that you can even play Pocoro on an Android watch?

This site was created to update fans of Pocoro on it's progress from first release, through submissions for a variety of contests, updates, and general news. Eventually this site's domain expired and pocoro-thegame.com website disappeared from the web.

Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original Pocoro-TheGame.com? website.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.

Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back.


What is Pocoro?

Here is Pocoro, the simple and addictive brain teaser !
The concept is very simple : pass your cursor over each tile on the screen as many times as the number on the tile indicates. That’s it!
The demo features only 20 levels. The full commercial version features over 70 puzzles, which become more and more challenging… believe us they are hard to solve, even for the guy who designed them!

The game is currently available on :

  • Xbox
  • Android

And will soon be available on :

  • iPhone (work in progress)
  • Online (flash)

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Original game

  • Olivier Huard : graphic design
  • Martin Lemarchand : game design, level design
  • Tom Rethaller : concept, sound, Xbox and Flash code

Android version

  • Maxime Caignart : Full adaptation for Android

Special thanks

  • Vincent Ysmal, for his invaluable help on the Android Version


Pocoro on Xbox

Pocoro on Xbox
Pocoro is available on the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace for 240 Xbox points.
Enjoy the polished graphics in HD 1080p format!
Pocoro on Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Pocoro on Xbox Indies (vote for us!)




2009-2010 Posts


Pocoro ranked 5th at the ADC2

Posted by Maxime in General on December 1, 2009

Hello every one.
The ADC2 is finally over, after weeks of nervous waiting.
Unfortunately, we did not make it to the top 3 casual games. No cash prize for us.
We ranked 5th, which is, after all, quite good for a first game !
The Pocoro team thanks all the reviewers.

Now we just hope that’ll make a bit of advertising to boost the sales which are still quite poor…


iPhone, Here We Are!

Posted by Pocoro in General on January 28, 2010

After a loooong wait, Pocoro is finally available on iPhone !

You can find it on the store for only $2.00 :-)


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Pocoro ranked 5th at the ADC2

Posted by Maxime in General on December 1, 2009

Hello every one.
The ADC2 is finally over, after weeks of nervous waiting.
Unfortunately, we did not make it to the top 3 casual games. No cash prize for us.
We ranked 5th, which is, after all, quite good for a first game !
The Pocoro team thanks all the reviewers.

Now we just hope that’ll make a bit of advertising to boost the sales which are still quite poor…


I Tested the ADC2 Pocoro Challengers

Posted by Maxime in General on November 15, 2009

  • 4 Player Reactor (ADC)– Speed tap on screen game. Not quite a challenger, poor graphics, a bit lame
  • Blink– Fast Memory game, no fun, not addictive, annoying music but neat gfx
  • Blockx 3D Pro (ADC2)– a 3D tetris- boring as hell , missing music, not cute, not appealing for girls or non-geek people.
  • Comeks Microphone Hero– Karaoke game – not my cup of tea ( definitely ) not working really well but seems ok if you like to sing in your phone.
  • Decades– Kind of 3D columns. Nice gfx, really polished. Not really fan of the gfx and whole game style.
  • Flick It!– Good puzzle game, but not really addictive and missing music and polishing
  • Jelix– Tetris meets Pipe game. Nice game but miss polishing and a bit boring, could still be a challenger
  • KUMPA– Tilt screen rolling ball game- Very polished, nice and addictive game, in pure popcap style
  • Lucid ADC2– Touch to avoid obstacles game. Nice little game – not very addictive but has cute gfx
  • Mazeness– Another tilt puzzle game direct challenger to pocoro – nice gfx, missing music but is still quite good
  • mPuzzle– no tested, but seems to be a lot of sudokus games
  • N. American Conquest (ADC)– Pretty good turn strategy game – good gfx and music – probably winner if reviewers are geeks ! Could buy this one
  • Nintaii– Roll a block to the exit – Very polished and addictive game – direct challenger for Pocoro !
  • Pobs– Strategy board game, miss some polish, but quite simple and could be addictive as a reversi mixed with abalone.
  • Seek ’n Spell– GPS game to gather letters. not tested
  • Sketch Online– this one is really neat. An online drawing game. Simple, entertaining, well made. Could be a winner
  • Sudoku Camera– Sudoku… what else ?
  • Totemo– Puzzle game – So polished and addictive that it’ll probably be the winner.
  • UrbanGolf light– Virtual something golf – did not manage to make it works… really nice polishing from what i saw
  • What the Doodle!? (ADC2)– Another online drawing game. Works well, but sketch online is better.



Pocoro on Android Updated to 1.2

Posted by Maxime in General on November 9, 2009

Hi, Everyone

Pocoro has been updated to version 1.2.

Here is the change log:

-Full touch capable: if your device do not have a back or a menu key, you can now play to Pocoro with the new touch buttons.

-Random mode : 5 random levels with increasing difficulty has been added for unlimited fun !

-Level positionning: Levels list now remember your last played level and position itself at the right page.

Feel free to post a comment or send us your feedback@:pocoro360@gmail.com

Have a nice game !



Pocoro is Admitted for the Second Round of the ADC2

Posted by Maxime in General on November 6, 2009
The ADC2, the world contest of applications on Android, is entering its second round.
We’re glad to announce you that Pocoro has been admitted with 19 others casual games:


  • 4 Player Reactor (ADC)
  • Blink
  • Blockx 3D Pro (ADC2)
  • Comeks Microphone Hero
  • Decades
  • Flick It!
  • Jelix
  • Lucid ADC2
  • Mazeness
  • mPuzzle
  • N. American Conquest (ADC)
  • Nintaii
  • Pobs
  • Pocoro
  • Seek ’n Spell
  • Sketch Online
  • Sudoku Camera
  • Totemo
  • UrbanGolf light
  • What the Doodle!? (ADC2)


Unfortunately, developers can’t update their applications for this second round.
For a lot of us, since the submission in August, our applications have been updated with new content and, more important, bug fixes. The ADC2 version of those applications won’t be updated, and yes, Pocoro has been fixed a lot since it has been submitted…
Let’s hope that the judges will think about that while voting.

Happy voting for all of you and wish us good luck


Pocoro on Android updated to 1.1.3

Posted by Maxime in General on October 14, 2009
Once again, i just released a new minor version of Pocoro.
This time it’s only a small fix of a graphical bug that could happen when switching from portrait/landscape.
Good update and have a nice game


Pocoro ranked 2nd at the Samsung Galaxy ( French ) Contest

Posted by Maxime in General on October 13, 2009

I received an email yesterday announcing me that Pocoro wins the second place of the Samsung Galaxy Contest (already mentioned here).
That’s a good point for us, as it’ll make a bit of free advertising (yes… sales are currently really disappointing …)
We’re all hoping that we’ll have the same kind of good news for the ADC2


Pocoro on Android updated to 1.1.2

Posted by Maxime in General on October 13, 2009
Just a few words,
I updated Pocoro to 1.1.2. Only minor changes, nothing worth to explain.


Android Team Interviewed by “This is Android life”

Posted by Maxime in General on October 11, 2009
The Pocoro team ( at least the 2 not shy members ) has been interviewed by Martin Russel for his website “This is Android Life”.

The whole interview is available here and a nice review of our game is available on his site too, here.
The site is pretty cool and full of good information. Definitely worth the reading.

Hello everyone,
> Pocoro on Android has been updated a few minutes ago.
This 1.1.1 version only correct a bug on level unlocking.
Additionaly, the About screen shows the current version and Lite version shows a little ad before the menu.

Have fun !


Pocoro on Android

Pocoro is available on the Android Market in 2 versions :

  • The Lite version is free, pretty short and gives you a taste of what Pocoro is. You’ve got 10 full playable levels. The last level introduces you to teleporters.
  • The Full version contains more than 70 levels and allows you to play with teleporters and jumps. The price is set to €0.99, it’s a fair price, no ad, no surprise, Pocoro is a clean game with the sole purpose of entertaining you.

The Android version of Pocoro have special features:

  • Undo: you can cancel your actions as many times as you need
  • Freemove: you can move the camera all around the level
  • Save: you can save your progress in the current level and continue later
  • Portrait/Landscape: you can play either in portrait or landscape mode
  • Keys / Touch / Trackball: Play the way you like by pressing keys, rolling trackball or touching screen

Here are a few screenshots:

Pocoro start screen

Level selection screen, you can see finished levels, saved levels, new levels and locked levels

In-game screen, you can see undo, freemove and jump buttons

In-game screen, you can see undo, freemove and jump buttons

We will put a screen cast soon here.

Additionally we are pleased to announce that Pocoro is competing in the Android Developer Challenge 2(ACD2).

If you own an Android compatible mobile, you can become a judge for ADC2 and vote for us :-)

We will keep you informed of the results, stay tuned !